Le jeu Intrepid Izzy, disponible bientôt sur Playstation, Xbox et Nintendo Switch

L’éditeur indépendant Ratalaika Games, en collaboration avec le développeur l’équipe Senile, annonce la sortie d’Intrepid Izzy le 2 décembre 2022 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S et Nintendo Switch.

Intrepid Izzy est un jeu 2D qui brouille les genres avec un style artistique HD unique.

Mélangeant allègrement les genres plateforme et beat’em up avec des éléments d’aventure, le jeu propose un style artistique percutant inspiré des graphismes des jeux rétro, avec des sprites léchés et détaillés et des animations au summum de la fluidité.

Vous explorerez d’immenses niveaux, chacun avec son thème et ses mécaniques propres. Obtenez différents costumes pour Izzy et tirez parti des pouvoirs spéciaux qu’ils octroient !

* Gameplay action-plateforme et beat’em-up
* Graphismes modernes d’inspiration rétro
* Niveaux diversifiés
* Histoire amusante et palpitante
* Bande sonore originale par Ben Kurotoshiro

Voici le communiqué (en anglais) :

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with developer the Senile Team, is pleased to announce Intrepid Izzy is set for release on the 2nd December 2022. Coming on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, priced at $10.99 EU 10.99. Billed as a genre-defying 2D game with a unique HD art style, Intrepid Izzy offers all the very best with a compendium of genres seamlessly blending platforming with beat-’em-up and adventure elements, that will please a whole raft of gamers who want variety and tons of action.


Gameplay is inspired by various games from the 16-bit era that will be apparent to many gamers but Intrepid Izzy has its own originality and branding. Merging together many favourite gameplay elements and challenges, it offers up a colourful feast of action and exploration! Unbelievably as the developer explained, ‘many themes, characters and enemies in the game were inspired by real life events. For example, meeting someone with an allergy to kiwifruit inspired me to design kiwifruit monsters. The various costumes that Izzy collects to gain special powers are also (loosely) based on real-world examples’.

IDs and Fluidity – HD Art

The characters in Intrepid Izzy are animated using custom-made software which took a lot of time and effort to develop, but gamers will note, it was well worth it. Intrepid Izzy contains thousands of frames of animation, which cannot feasibly be created any other way.

Retaining certain characteristics of classic game graphics, evoking a sense of familiarity and/or nostalgia marks this game as a real labour of love.


  • Four large levels where the player will spend most of their time.
  • Many hours to explore every corner, and some areas require special powers to reach with each of these levels having a different theme.
    • ‘Aztec Greece’ – a sunny place with temples, palm trees and flowers.
    • ‘Chocolate Mine’- a subterranean maze where the way forward has to be unlocked step by step.
    • ‘Haunted Forest’ is full of ghosts, bats and other creepy things.
    • ‘East Pole » is an icy world full of dangerous ninjas.
    • Awesome soundtrack by the critically acclaimed Ben Kurotoshiro.
  • A story filled with humorous dialogue, eccentric characters and mysterious secrets.
  • Easy to pick up, difficult to put down!


Besides the above, there are 11 smaller levels which often provide a different gameplay experience, such as a boss fight, a time-limited mission or an introduction to new gameplay mechanics.

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